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Whale Essence – Drops (30ml)


The WHALE ESSENCE was made to assist and support humans to find the place of expanded, collective conscious connectedness within themselves.

I made the Whale Essence in 2022 when about a month prior sailing on the waters of K’Gari (formerly Fraser Island) the whales “instructed” me to make a whale essence. For those of you familiar with the making of flower essences, the flowers/plants/trees are infused in a bowl of water to absorb the healing properties of the plant. So the thought of making a whale essence was at first mind boggling, but I need not have worried as all I had to do was be in the stillness, listen and follow the wisdom of the whales (as well as my own inner knowing!).

The WHALE ESSENCE was made over a period of 5 days collecting the water from the whales at the precise time I was told to by the whales. The water was then added to a bowl which contained a number of clear quartz crystals (which were all infused with the energy of the WHALE ESSENCE). Each day that the water was collected, the whales presented with a different energy – all of which are contained in the WHALE ESSENCE. Each day the whales not only brought their individual energy to be collected, but also the energies of the connected, collective consciousness from across the planet. This was assisted by a “matriarch” whale who told me on the first day that she was calling her species to respond to the call of making an essence of the collective whale energy. It made for an extraordinary essence that showed me the calmness that comes from being in the expanded connectedness. The WHALE ESSENCE was added to a number of my blends.

You can read further about the WHALE ESSENCE in my ‘Tales from the Whales’ blog post here and also read the feature about this essence over on Penelope Smith’s Animal Talk Animal Communication blog.

** If in doubt about whether this is suitable for your personal needs or the needs of your animal/s, please seek further advice from a health care practitioner and/or consider booking a personalised consultation.

Weight .222 kg


Prill water 47.5%, brandy 47.5%, flower essences 5%.