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For some time now, I have been working closely with the animals, as well as the flower essences, to make a number of my own blends (the number of which continues to grow!). Many of you have already been using some of these blends, so I thought it timely that I explain in some detail how the blends came about and what they are used for (and the animals have been nagging me to do so!). I have been seeing not only great results in animals, but also in the humans who have chosen to use them as well.

These blends are quite unique. Through listening and communicating, not only with  the animals but the flowers, plants and trees as well, some of the blends contain over 40 essences! Animals are not interested in what a book says but rather what they need. I also found this when listening for many hours to the traumatised parts of myself; reminding me it is important to listen to the needs of an individual rather than treating them according to what the literature may say. I have spent many hours making my own Mother Tinctures, with one of my favourites being that of the indigenous Moonah Tree (which is contained in a number of the blends - see photo below). Each time I make a new blend, my work seems to attract the beings who are in need of that particular blend!

Moonah Tree Mother Tincture

The first blend I made is called the BRAIN BLEND. As many of you know I have two rescue dogs, Daisy and Ralph. All animals are sensitive to energy but just as we see in humans, there are also those animals who are even more sensitive than usual to energy. That’s Daisy and Ralph. Whilst Daisy is timid and will react to energy that she doesn’t like by barking a little bit, Ralph is very much the fear-based aggressive being. He was removed from his mum at 3 days old and shut in a laundry by himself and sparingly fed. He not only missed out on the nurturing from his mum, but he lacked all social skills and simply could not cope with some every day occurrences without going into a major panic-meltdown.

I was sitting watching Ralph have one of his panic-meltdowns last year and as I tuned into what he was feeling he showed me what was happening to his brain. He was ‘watching’ himself have the meltdown and as much as he wanted to, he was unable to stop the behaviour. What I also picked up was the speed at which this behaviour took over. It was like a switch was flicked and he was lost in the behaviour and couldn’t do anything to stop it.

As I sat watching, I realised that due to the trauma I had had in my life that my brain did exactly the same thing and that this had been diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ralph too, had PTSD from his trauma which was being triggered by the most minor things. Before I had a chance to use the logical part of my brain to assess whether I needed to go into panic, the panic had already taken over and flooded my body. I would then panic about the panic which I also picked up in Ralph. I realised that it was the amygdala part of my brain that was the ‘switch’ that drove the panic and the behaviour. It is the amygdala that is responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ (or at times ‘freeze’) behaviour. I could see in Ralph and myself that the amygdala in each of us was in overdrive, and that our brain was wired to automatically go into panic - even when there was no logical reason for it to do so.

As a result of this, I made the BRAIN BLEND. By listening to my own brain (as well as tuning into other traumatised brains), and listening to the animals and the flower essences, I made a blend that calms the amygdala as well as helping to undo the old patterns of behaviour and allowing a new one to be formed. The BRAIN BLEND assists the left and right sides of the brain to be more balanced.  It also assists where such behaviours may be an inherited family pattern.  I use it myself, and also use it with Ralph and Daisy. As you can imagine, in beings who have deeply ingrained trauma and patterns of behaviour, it will take time for this process to take place. We are asking the brain to "rewire" and change itself and this is not an overnight process. Often, the brain has been in such a "loop" for so long that it struggles to know or behave in any other way.  Using the BRAIN BLEND requires patience and also requires the human companions of the animals using the BRAIN BLEND to work with the animal by helping to set clear, firm, consistent boundaries that come from a place of love.  Sometimes humans are hesitant to set firm boundaries especially of there animal is a rescue or has experienced trauma, but as I learnt first hand with Ralph, it is setting these boundaries that made him feel safe.   Humans also need to provide distractions and alternatives when the behaviour occurs which challenges and "breaks" the current neural pathway and allows other possibilities for the brain to consider.  Each time the human helps to challenge and interrupt the patterning and neural pathways of the brain of their animal, it reinforces the work that the BRAIN BLEND is doing. A reminder, too, that the essences work at the level that each individual can cope with and when we are asking for such a deep change, it is important to go gently.

When people come to me and explain that I am the last resort for their animal - due to nothing else having helped the out-of-control behaviour - and that their animal may have to be otherwise euthanised, this is one of the blends that is used. It does not work like animal Prozac or Valium where there is a ‘doping’ type of feeling only to see the behaviour return when the medication is stopped. Instead, the essences gently heal and you will notice subtle changes over time.  I liken it to an onion where the layers are peeled away as they rise to the surface to be healed.

One of the things that I experience, and that I see in many of the animals and humans I work with, is a level of sensitivity that, at times, makes life incredibly difficult. Many humans describe themselves as being empaths who absorb and take on all the energies that they are exposed to. Animals are like this all the time. They have no ‘filter’ and so are unable to lessen the impact of the energies they are exposed to. I know for myself that some days leaving the house had been impossible. I would often see this in my work with the animals, as well as hear the same thing from their humans. I could also see the same thing with Daisy and Ralph. As a result of this, I made the COMPASSION BLEND. It puts a ‘filter’ in place so that the feeling goes from having the intensity of empathy to the ‘filtered’ feeling of compassion. It doesn’t stop the feeling, but lessens the intensity so that one still feels compassion, but is not overwhelmed by the intensity of being an empath and feeling like they can’t cope. I find that I carry the COMPASSION BLEND on my person all the time when I am out of my home and often use it at the same time as the BRAIN BLEND. The two work together very well.

The most recent blend that I completed just a few days ago is the LIBERATION BLEND. This took many months of intense times and listening to animals and humans describe what it feels like to have energy ‘dumped’ on them. It is the feeling of being invaded by another’s energy and often being the ‘scapegoat’ for other’s energies. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Everybody dumps on everybody’, and in many circumstances this is done at an unconscious level, with little awareness in the being themselves of what they are doing. The term scapegoat comes from the times when a goat was used to ‘absorb’ all the sins of the community and was then killed over the altar or thrown from a cliff into the desert.

Through listening to my clients (both animal and human), I have found that scapegoats are often beings who are highly intuitive, highly intelligent, have strong personalities and are also high-functioning.

Being a scapegoat is the process in which the mechanisms of projection or displacement are utilised in focussing feelings of aggression, hostility, frustration etc., upon another individual - the amount of blame being unwarranted.

I have watched Ralph ‘dump’ on Daisy when the energy he feels is too much for him and he can’t hold it. There have been occasions when he has done this with strong aggression. I, too, have been the scapegoat throughout my life and it takes a huge toll. Any being who has been dumped on for any length of time will be drained, exhausted and feel like they have nothing left to give. Some humans who have spoken to me have said that they realised that they continued to be the scapegoat, as the alternative was being rejected or ignored by those who they were the scapegoat for.

Animals (and children) who live in homes where things are not flowing harmoniously will be constantly having energy dumped on them. Arguments or even energies that are strong will be absorbed by the animal. Remember that for an energy to be strong it doesn’t need to be negative - it just needs to be strong. We’ve all met that being who is ‘super friendly’ but whose energy feels too much. There are also those beings who are quiet, nice and gentle, but who are also dumping their stuff. They often feel quite needy in their energy. I know when I have been processing intense feelings of my own, I am aware of what is happening in Daisy and Ralph, and make it a priority to take responsibility for my own stuff. Even doing this, Daisy and Ralph are STILL exposed to what I am feeling. They, too, are also exposed to the energies that come through when I am consulting on a daily basis.

The LIBERATION BLEND addresses all the issues that come with being a scapegoat: the reasons why one can become a scapegoat; what it feels like to be one (both physically and emotionally); as well as the boundaries that may have been lacking in allowing such energy to be dumped on oneself. It helps one to set stronger, clearer boundaries and enables one to say ‘no’ to the energy. It restores the lack of self-esteem that is eroded by being ‘dumped on’, as well as helping one to find the strength within to be true to themselves and break the link of co-dependency that feeds this behaviour. Beings who have been scapegoats will often withdraw and isolate themselves, and may also be a bit 'prickly' - even though they crave intimacy and companionship - and so this blend also addresses this. It also helps one to feel safe to say ‘no’ to things that feel wrong and are wrong. This blend will also help where a being rejects or abandons themselves in order to be a scapegoat for another - for fear of being rejected by them, as well as protecting oneself from being the dumping ground. It gives one the strength to find another way of being in the world, as well as breaking the negative patterning that has taken control.

I have also been asked by some people for a list of the flower essences in these blends. To make these blends takes me many months and also takes me to places of intense deep trauma. In some instances, the trauma is as old as I am, so in essence the blends are many, many years in the making! It does not feel right to just give this energy or information away. I am more than happy to make any of these blends and post them to you. Thank you for your understanding around this.

These are just three of the blends that I have made. The animals made it very clear that these needed to be discussed first, so here they are and in future Messages from the Animals I will discuss some of the others (to receive this newsletter via email, please sign up for free here).

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Warm wishes to you all,

Kerrie Searle
Animal Communicator