Is Animal Communication For You?

My clients are people who see their animal companion not so much as a pet, but as a much loved member of the family. They desire a deeper connection and understanding for many different reasons. By communicating with your animal, I facilitate a conversation between you and your animal so that all questions or concerns can be addressed. If you are wondering if I can help, read on and see if any of this resonates with you.

Animals have emotions, feelings and life experiences just as we do and an emotion or a feeling cannot be trained or medicated out of an animal.

Working with Ritchie the goat

This is where I can assist.

I communicate deeply with all animal species and therefore can ask them directly the reasons for their behaviour. This takes the guessing game out of trying to figure it out and once we have talked about the heart of the problem, it can be addressed by the use of indigenous flower essences made by me, Australian Bush Flower Essences & Bach Flower Remedies which can assist with a gentle, yet powerful healing on a very deep level.

Behaviour Problems

Does your animal have behaviour issues? Perhaps you have tried the vet or trainer or even a behaviourist with little change. Imagine being able to get clear and concise answers to the following:

  • Why does your animal behave the way it does?
  • What makes it worse, what helps?
  • What caused the behaviour?
Working with G-Force the guinea pig
  • Is it behaving out of fear or boredom?
  • Is it seeking attention?
  • Is it picking up on your feeling/emotions or perhaps another family member’s?

Rescued Animals

Have you rescued an animal from a shelter, or been given an animal from another home or even given a home to an animal that you found? Are you seeing behaviours that you wish you could know and understand? Are you wanting a way to help heal them? I get clear and concise answers to the following:

  • How and why they came to be in a shelter
  • What feelings, emotions, worries or concerns they may have about their previous home and now their new home
Working with Shadow the rabbit


  • Whether they were abused or abandoned and any effects they may be suffering as a result
  • What they like or dislike, want or need

Giving your animal companion the opportunity to have a voice and tell their story can provide huge relief for the animal. I prescribe and administer indigenous flower essences made by me, Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Essences to assist in the healing of any trauma.

Dying Animals

Knowing if, and the right time, to euthanise your animal is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. I take the guess work out of this and assist in honouring you and your animal through this process by assisting with the following:

  • Asking your animal companion if it is their time to go
  • Asking them if they wish to remain at home or go to the vet
  • Explaining the euthanasia procedure to them. Animals are not afraid of death, they see it as a natural process of life, but can be frightened of unfamiliar surroundings and not knowing how they will be euthanised can increase their anxiety
  • Translating important messages that your animal companion may have for you and any that you have for them.

Deceased Animals

Many people have unresolved questions or feelings about an animal companion that has passed away. Whether they have passed away recently or some time ago, I can assist you in getting the answers to questions like:

  • Are they happy now?
  • Was there anything left unsaid between you?
  • Did you do the right thing?
  • Was the timing right?
  • Are they in any pain?
  • Do they still visit?
  • How can I continue to communicate with them?


Have you ever had your animal look at you so intently that you knew they were trying to tell you something? Have you had dreams, thoughts or moments where you thought about your animal but dismissed it as just a thought, only to find out later that you were right? Do you have a child that has shown the ability to communicate with animals and want to encourage and nurture this gift? Animals are constantly communicating with us and want us to be able to listen and hear them. I can assist you in finding your way to communicating more openly and deeply with your animal. It is an ability that we are all born with but as children have socialised out of us. So if you want a deeper connection with your animal, I am here to help!

Introducing a New Member Into The Family Home

Are you wanting to bring home a new animal? Do you want help in knowing if it is the right one for you? Perhaps there will soon be a new baby in the house and you are not sure how your current animal companion will cope with a new arrival? Do you feel as though your animal companion is in need of a mate as you may be away at work all day?

A kiss from Cosmo

Would you like to know exactly how your animal companion feels about changes that may be taking place in the home? Would you like to have a meeting with your animal companion and the other animal to see if they are compatible? All this and more can be answered with a consultation.

Moving House

Moving house is high on the list of the most stressful events for humans and it is no different for our animal companions. The loss of familiar smells, sights and sounds can be hugely stressful and even frightening for some animals.

I make the process of moving house easier by:

  • Explaining the moving process to your animal
  • Reassuring the animal that you are not leaving it
  • Assisting in the process of healing if the animal needs to be re-homed as a result of your moving premises
  • Being able to ask and answer questions your animal may have about the move
  • Assisting in settling in to the new home with the use of indigenous flower essences made by me, Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Essences.