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Connection Blend – Drops (30ml)


The CONNECTION BLEND helps create a deeper level of connection and communication with all parts of ourselves, as well as with our animals (and other beings).

If we want to have a deeper level of connection and communication with our animals (and other beings) we must first have a connection with all the parts of ourselves. There are many ways for humans to be disconnected – drugs, alcohol, food, sugar, television, social media, work etc. just to name a few.

I liken the process of communication with animals to a mobile phone: if we are in a good area of reception we have all four bars on our phones and a clearly heard conversation. But if the reception area is poor and we only have one or perhaps two bars on the phone, then the conversation can cut in and out and we only get bits of it. It’s the same when trying to connect and communicate with our animals. If we only have connection to some parts of ourselves then we only have those parts available to connect and communicate with. The more parts of ourselves that we have access to the stronger the connection and the better the communication.

This is how my journey of being an Animal Communicator unfolded. After leaving Victoria Police, I was heavily medicated and in and out of hospital and told that would be my life forever. I then discovered Flower Essences, thus beginning my journey of reconnection to the parts of myself that I had needed to disconnect from in order to cope and survive. Gently over time, I have reconnected with these parts and my ability to communicate with animals (and other beings) has deepened each time I have brought those parts back to myself.

I also use CONNECTION BLEND in my Animal Communication Workshops as I guide others to reconnect to themselves and deepen their connection and communication with their animals.

** If in doubt about whether this is suitable for your personal needs or the needs of your animal/s, please seek further advice from a health care practitioner and/or consider booking a personalised consultation.

Weight .222 kg


Prill water 47.5%, brandy 47.5%, flower essences 5%.