WHALE ESSENCE – Tales from the Whales

In August 2022, I travelled to K’Gari (formerly Fraser Island) in north Queensland to spend a week on a sailing boat (yes, that was my “office” for the week!) working with the humpback whales. It has taken me this long to put the experience into words as there has been more and more information coming through from the whales, who have now indicated that it is time to put “pen to paper” as they say!

In the weeks leading up to the trip, I received a very strong message from the whales that a WHALE ESSENCE was to be made. For those of you who have worked individually with me, attended my workshops, or who have worked with flower essences yourselves, you will understand that traditional making of a flower essence involves placing the flowers/leaves into a bowl of water and then placing the bowl in the sun allowing the water to absorb the energy from the plant/tree/flower.  Hmmmm…..so how was I to place a whale in a bowl and where would I find a bowl big enough???!! Such were the thoughts of the logical part of my brain that struggled with this question incessantly during those weeks.

I need not have worried, as there came a very clear message from the whales that they would guide me as to what to do. All I had to do was say 'yes', show up, be in the stillness and be fully present so that when the whales were guiding me, I would receive their messages. So I packed all the necessary equipment needed to make the WHALE ESSENCE and relaxed into the 'knowing' that I didn’t need to force or make anything happen - it would unfold exactly as it needed to.

On the first day of sailing, I received all my “instructions” from the whales as to how to make the WHALE ESSENCE. I understood that the “bowl” that the whales would be in was in fact the ocean itself, and that the energy of the whales would be “drawn” from the ocean water. A glass bowl was used to make the WHALE ESSENCE and I was told by the whales that this process would differ from the traditional method of placing the bowl in the sun for three hours. The WHALE ESSENCE was to be placed outside for five full days - including the full moon on the second last night of our journey. The Mother Tincture was to be made in a ceremony the following morning with the entire group. The whales also told me that each day I was to draw water from the ocean, at the precise time that the whales told me to, and to place that water into the bowl each day. The bowl also contained Clear Quartz crystals brought along by another member of our group (thank you!). The Clear Quartz crystals would be infused with the energy of the WHALE ESSENCE.

(Above) The glass bowl collecting the WHALE ESSENCE.
Image © Kerrie Searle

Soon after, our boat was approached by three whales. There were other boats present at this time and I was told to wait until we had sailed further away for the time to draw water. Sure enough, as we sailed further into a place of quietness and stillness, three whales approached and went to the back of the boat. One of the whales told me, in no uncertain terms, to collect the water “NOW”. I was at the front of the boat at the time and wasn’t quick enough to respond. I was again told “NOW” by the same whale and as I moved to the back of the boat the three of the whales in a collective stern chorus shouted, “NOW!”. The whales did say the timing would be precise!

As I leaned over to collect the water, a female whale told me that she was a matriarch and that she was calling her species to respond to the call of making an essence of the collective whale energy. At this moment, she pushed the water up onto the back of the boat (wetting me in the process) and I collected the water using a glass. I then placed the water into the bowl. As I did this, I was reminded that the date was in fact the 8th August. While I don’t have a deep understanding of astrology, I knew that 8/8 was the Lion’s Gateway and that this was an important part of the timing of the WHALE ESSENCE, as was the full moon four days later.

The second day of sailing brought a message of calmness from the whales. They spoke of how their “calmness comes from being in the expanded connectedness.” With a number of whales at the front of the boat, I was called to go to the back of the boat and move the bowl containing the whale essence from one side of the boat to the other. This didn’t make “sense” to me, as both sides of the boat are the same. I have learned through my work time and time again, that when I receive a message such as this I trust it and act on it, knowing that at some time later it will make “sense” to my logical brain.

"Calmness comes from being in the expanded connectedness".

So I moved the bowl to the other side of the boat. I was then discussing with some of the group how scientists have discovered the amazing properties contained in the “blow” from the whales that they collect using a drone flying above the whales. As I said, “imagine if we could bottle that,” a male whale surfaced right next to the boat and blew over us and right into the bowl containing the whale essence. Just as well I acted on that message to move the bowl!

(Above) A male whale blowing into the WHALE ESSENCE bowl.
Image © Kerrie Searle

A group of whales stayed at the back of the boat and were almost motionless in the calmness they had communicated earlier. They were gently rising to the surface and calling us to join them. So we did. We stripped our clothes off, donned our snorkels (at least we were “wearing” something!), threw a rope in and gently lowered ourselves into the magic of the whale energy. To be surrounded by such enormous physical beings and experience their gentleness, curiosity, intelligence and respect is really difficult to put into words. What I could feel was the expansion of my heart and a deep connection to these extraordinary beings in this moment.

While interacting with the whales, I was alongside someone who had let go of the rope momentarily to adjust her snorkel. As she started to drift away, due to the current, I grabbed her ankle and pulled her back. In that moment we became entangled, not only in the rope, but in each other.  There was a whale very close by and it was showing me the pictures of what we looked like. I began to laugh (to the point of almost snorting) as the whale then described what he called “bits of blubber and jiggly bits” bouncing around in the water. I described this to the other person trying my best to adequately describe what we looked like to this whale. What was interesting was the energy that came with the whale’s words. There was no judgement or criticism of our “blubber” or “jiggly” bits, but simply an apt picture and description of what he could see. He did, however, find delight in our response of laughter and joy in that moment.

Shortly after, I found myself alone at this side of the boat and became aware of a panic rising from deep within myself. Panic attacks have been such a big part of my life and as I began to feel the panic rise, I looked down and saw an enormous shadow rising from down below. I realised that it was a whale coming to the surface and as it got closer and closer, my panic grew.  As it reached within touching distance, I felt myself begin to glide in unison through the water with the whale. At the same time, I felt my breathing slow to the point where I almost wasn’t breathing at all. As I tuned into the whale, I realised that I had “become the whale.” I was feeling what it was like to be in a whale body, and he was showing me how to calm my nervous system by using his as an example. I felt weightless, lightness and my whole body had slowed to the point of a calm and stillness that I had never experienced before. Unbeknownst to me, I was being watched from up on deck by a highly intuitive and connected human who confirmed what I had experienced. I had gone to such a place of expanded consciousness where I became so deeply connected, that the whale and I had “merged” allowing me to glide effortlessly with the male with no boundary or restrictions. This bigger, deeply connected space, allowed the energy of my panic and fear to quickly and easily move through me, without having to go to into the cathartic episode of a panic attack that I was used to.

As I lay awake that night listening to the whales, I wondered how it would be possible to incorporate the whale songs into the whale essence - given that we didn’t have the tools necessary to record their song. In that moment, the matriarch who I had communicated with the day before reminded me of her calling to the other whales and she assured me that the vibration of their song would be part of the essence. As the night passed, our boat was visited by many whales who each sang the vibration of their song into the bowl. I need not have tried to work that one out on a logical level.

The third day saw the whales in an incredibly playful mood. They were slapping the water and engaging in boisterous play with each other. They asked that we not go into the water as they wished their play to be uninterrupted (and I didn’t fancy being underneath when one of those “slaps” hit the water!). There was more didgeridoo and violin playing which the whales again showed their appreciation for by coming close to the boat to enjoy. As we were watching, the whales pulled away from the group and started heading to the back of the boat and told me to get ready to collect water from the landing area. As I was standing at the edge (being held by the jacket by my blubber/jiggly mate so I didn’t fall in leaning over the water!), the male whale told me to wait…..wait…..wait….NOW! Precise timing again, as he surfaced and I collected water that ran off his body and added it to the bowl.

(Above) Playing didgeridoo to the whales.
Image © Kerrie Searle

Day four dawned to a deep, deep stillness. No other boats, no engine noise as we sailed and all the humans on the boat stopped talking and sat in the stillness. The whales were also very still, as was the ocean. They asked that the water be drawn from the stillness and added to the bowl.

This day also brought me a deeper understanding that the WHALE ESSENCE was being made to assist and support humans to find the place of expanded, collective conscious connectedness within themselves. That the whales hold the energy of connectedness. This is something that the animals have been asking us to do for all the years I have been doing this work! The realisation came, too, that as I became more connected to myself, the parts of myself that I had disconnected from were showing up as I was more available to show up for them. The true authentic power of having connection from within as opposed to struggling to have power over another, or trying to somehow gain power externally. And how important it is to not engage, fix or battle with the energy of disconnection in others. It is our job to pay attention to the parts of ourselves that we have disconnected from and show up and connect to them.  We do not have to disconnect to survive.

On the night of the fourth day, I was instructed by the whales to stay awake and be up on deck with the full moon and the whales. We were anchored at Rooney Point, the northern tip of K’Gari, also known as the “whale highway” where the whales pass through on their migration. Highway it was - I lost count of the number of whales passing ever so closely by!

I was told by the whales to move the bowl that the WHALE ESSENCE was in to be directly under the full moon and to be by the essence. I had felt the energy of the WHALE ESSENCE growing over the days and by this time it was vibrating strongly with the powerful, yet gentle, whale energy. Many of the whales came right up to the boat and acknowledged the WHALE ESSENCE and gave a “nod” of approval and “thanks” for the making of the WHALE ESSENCE.

I watched time and time again the “footprint” left by each whale as they left the surface of the water. They told me that just as they leave their energy in every footprint, so too do humans with every “footprint” and action we take. It is time, they said, for humans to leave every one of our footprints with a deeper level of consciousness and awareness of the impact it has upon the planet. As guardians of the planet, the whales said, the time for excusing human behaviour that occurred through personal, ancestral, cultural and global disconnection was over. They were calling for humans to be more accountable for our actions and that in order to do this we needed to consciously reconnect to ourselves on a deeper level, doing whatever “work” it takes to achieve this. Time to let go of anything that humans allow to get in the way of this.

As I watched and listened to the whales, I was told to make sure that the WHALE ESSENCE was distributed out into the world. They spoke of keeping the children in contact with not only the whales, but all animals. They spoke of the collective consciousness that the WHALE ESSENCE will bring to the planet and that it was time for humans to let go of anything that gets in the way of this. They were incredibly forthright when they said that, “when you are called you’d better show up.” Again, I was reminded of how the animal kingdom had been saying exactly this for some years. No longer asking, but calling, demanding and directing humans to keep showing up.

Sometime after I had written these messages from the whales down, I received a message to “wave.” So I was standing on my own on the deck of a boat in the middle of the night and my logical brain responds with, “there’s nothing to wave at”.  Again I was told to wave. As I looked across the water shimmering under the full moon, I still could not see anything to wave at. Feeling really silly, I raised my arm and waved fully expecting that I had just been “sucked in” to a message that I had made up in my mind. Immediately, there was a response - a whale surfaced close by and “waved” its flipper at me. He said he needed to “know” that I’d got it! Yet another reminder to keep trusting those messages that come through, no matter how much my logical brain questions!

(Above) Sitting under the full moon with the WHALE ESSENCE.
Image © Kerrie Searle

Sitting under the full moon watching and listening to such extraordinary beings is really hard to adequately describe in words. The whales conveyed private messages to me about myself and my work and gave me a deeper understanding of what was being asked of me and the internal work I needed to continue to do. They reassuringly confirmed for me the confronting events and messages I received when I travelled to Uganda and Rwanda to work with the gorillas and visit the grave site of Dian Fossey.

The morning dawned and it was time to make the WHALE ESSENCE Mother Tincture. We held a beautiful ceremony where I shared the messages I received from the whales. We sat in a circle in silence as each person received a bottle of the WHALE ESSENCE and some Clear Quartz crystals that were infused with the whale energy. I poured the remaining WHALE ESSENCE over the feet of each person and the time after was spent silently reflecting.

Upon my return home, I was instructed by the whales to include the WHALE ESSENCE in a number of the blends that I make, which I did. Since this time, the WHALE ESSENCE has been making its way out into the world as the whales directed. I have seen time and time again what an amazing tool/resource it is to help guide us to a deeper level of connected consciousness. I sincerely hope you enjoyed these ‘tales’ from the whales. If you feel drawn to using the WHALE ESSENCE (many of you are already!) it can be purchased here.

(Above) WHALE ESSENCE - available to purchase now here.
Image © Kerrie Searle

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Warmest wishes!

Kerrie Searle
Animal Communicator

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