Animal Communication


with Kerrie Searle, Animal Communicator

Kerrie's original Animal Wellbeing & Australian Bush Flower Essences workshop was first held by Australian Bush Flower Essences in 2015 and has been well-received these past 3 years in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney (Australia), as well as overseas in Austria, England, France, Italy and Switzerland.

From 2019 onwards, Kerrie has switched her focus to her Animal Communication Workshops in order to offer even more materials to assist you in communicating more effectively with your animal/s.

Join Kerrie for TWO DAYS of self-discovery and guidance to deepen the connection to all the parts of yourself that will strengthen your ability to communicate with the animals. You can read more detailed information about everything else you will experience below.

Moonah Tree Mother Tincture

During Kerrie's Animal Communication Workshops, you will:

  • Be held and supported in a safe space with a small group of like-minded people.
  • Explore and discover the incredible properties of the sacred indigenous Moonah Tree, Seaberry Saltbush, Beard Heath and Boobialla (if in other states of Australia or overseas you will work with another flower/plant/tree that you are drawn to, weather and location permitting).
  • Make and take home a Mother Tincture of the Moonah Tree, Seaberry Saltbush, Beard Heath and Boobialla (or other flower/plant/tree).
  • Be guided so that you can recognise and work with any blocks that prevent you from communicating with animals.
  • Learn to recognise the subtle differences between the voice of logic and the voice of your inner knowing and intuition.|
  • Work with Kerrie’s CONNECTION BLEND of Australian Flower, Plant & Tree Essences to help deepen your connection to all the parts of yourself.
  • Be held and guided to find your place of self-empowerment that will assist you in this work.
  • Have the opportunity to ask and learn what the animals want you to know.
  • Be guided and assisted to communicate with a specific animal/s of your choice.
  • Discover your own unique way of communicating with animals.
  • Be given steps to guide and assist you to communicate with animals.
  • Explore the use of various flower/plant/tree essences and Kerrie's blends to assist you.
Moonah Tree Flowers

Workshop Details:

  • 9:30 am to 5:30 pm each day (with 9 am arrival first day to be ready to start 9:30 am).
  • Cost $450 AUD per person in Rye & $500 for interstate (TBA for overseas workshops).
  • A deposit of $100 AUD is required at the time of booking
  • Participant numbers are capped at 10 people per workshop.
  • To bring the workshop interstate, Kerrie requires 10 participants.
  • Kerrie’s workshops are being held on people’s properties and homes here in Australia and overseas - so if you feel drawn to gathering people you know to attend one of these workshops Kerrie will happily come to you. The workshop can be held in a home, park, forest, paddock – anywhere that you feel drawn to, and can be held during the week or on weekends. Contact Kerrie here to find out more.
  • For scheduled dates, please visit Kerrie's Workshop Schedule Here.


Ian White - Founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences

“I would like to introduce you to, and sing the praises of, Kerrie Searle - an animal communicator and healer. Kerrie is our teacher for the Animal Wellbeing and Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops. She is something else! I have met a number of animal communicators around the world, but none of them have impressed me more than Kerrie.

The level of communication she has with the animals is phenomenal. Kerrie knows the Bush Essences deeply and has amazing case histories she shares during her Workshop. She is very passionate about the Bush Essences, as she is in helping the animals - being a voice for them. The animals tell Kerrie that they want to have the Bush Essences.

Via her, we are able to be aware of the consciousness of the animals and what they need. Kerrie will also teach how to communicate with the animals in this Workshop.

Don't miss it, you will be blown away!!”

Previous Participant Testimonials

"I had the great pleasure to share the space in Kerrie's garden with 7 other ladies over a weekend at the start of this year.  I don't use the words "life-changing" very often but the women I met at the start of the workshop were not the same as when we said our warm and heartfelt well wishes at the end.  We were all more confident, calmer, focussed, happier and optimistic.

It is always a gift to spend time with like-minded people, and over this weekend we laughed and cried, supported each other, shared stories and ideas, and were much more open than we thought we would be.  It felt like such a safe and warm environment where the care and concern felt genuine and warm.  You might wonder what this has to do with animal communication?  It actually has everything to do with animal communication.  If you can't communicate with your inner self, how do you expect to be able to tune into your animal?  We did a lot of exercises to facilitate communication (No details here as I think it is better to arrive with a clean slate and no specific expectations, you will go so much further with an open mind) and we also communicated with the animal of our choice.  Kerrie was always present to support if needed, but you are encouraged to trust yourself, if you believe you can, you are half way there!  We were also able to connect with the other animals present, which was pretty cool.

Now 6 months later I still communicate a lot with my dog (but he is a guy of few words....) and I also very much enjoy talking to other dogs that I know, or run into during our walks.  It is cool to see the expression on their face when they realise that I can actually "hear" them.

In short, one of the most memorable and well spent weekends of my life, and hopefully we will all met again next year.  It would be amazing to catch up and hear all about the changes made!

- Liv Undhjem, Melbourne Australia


 “Even though I know and try to practice animal communication and use the essences, Kerrie made it all seem possible and clearer and made me feel that I can trust my information."

-  Sharon Connelly, Customs/Quarantine Officer, Animal Natural Therapist, Sydney

“Beautifully presented from the heart with excellent information delivered in an easy to understand format.”

Suellen Newton, Sydney NSW Australia

“What a privilege to attend this workshop to hear Kerrie’s messages from the animals. It has inspired me to be even more sensitive & respectful to their needs. Exceptional lecturer, highly competent, wonderfully sensitive.”

Nancy Dixon, Bowen Therapist, Taree NSW Australia

“Kerrie is fantastic, she is very informative and her gift touches your heart. Kerrie gives you a new perspective of interactions with our furry and feathered friends. The course topics covered everything you would need to know about animal wellbeing.”

-  Jacqui Baldwin, Project manager, Vineyard NSW Australia

“This workshop was just amazing! I feel re-energised to keep giving my dogs the Bush Flower Essences, but probably more importantly, to just sit down & communicate with them! One of the best workshops I have attended at Bushies, thank you Kerrie.”

-  Julie Pobihuszka, Manager, Winston Hills, Sydney NSW Australia

“Kerrie is a wonderful teacher and very passionate about bringing through the messages from the animals, which she does with grace, consideration, wisdom and respect, thank you.”

-  Yvonne George, Spiritual Healer, Narrabeen NSW Australia

“Amazing presentation, really inspiring!! Exceeded expectations. I could have spent another day listening to Kerrie.”

-  Jane Buchan Ford, Sydney NSW Australia

“Kerrie’s presentation exceeded expectations. This workshop is ideal for all animal lovers.”

-  Lynette McLachlan, Congewai NSW Australia

“After doing my first day of this workshop, I know all the things of life I have learnt and healed. I am on my right path to where I need to be. I have such respect and admiration for Kerrie Searle and hearing about her journey and life in such a beautiful way. I applaud anyone who wants to not only listen, but also hear. Great work!”

-  Donna Moyle, Australia

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to Kerrie Searle for her Animal Wellbeing and Australian Bush Flower Essence workshop in Kendal at the weekend. It was truly amazing, wonderful, emotional and inspirational. If anyone has the opportunity to attend another one of Kerrie’s workshops either in England, Australia or anywhere – do go – you won’t be disappointed and will learn so much about the wonderful Bush Essences too. Thank you Kerrie and thank you Ian for creating these brilliant Essences 🙂 .”

-  Lesley-Ann Iveson, Kendal, UK

“Kerrie Searle's Animal Wellbeing & ABFE Workshop teachings are so beneficial! I had some degree of communication with animals before & now it is in a new level.

Practicing Kerrie's advice, my cat Möet listened & complied sweetly when I asked her to sleep on a towel I'd provided, rather than untidy all the furnishings as is her habit. Explaining how it created additional cleaning work for me & sending her images of this with my imagination.

The next time I walked by, I found her contentedly on the towel & I stopped to thank her. She looked up & allowed this photograph. It's hard to describe but there is an extra warmth between us.

The household has changed & both of my cats are happier to be truly acknowledged. I am practicing listening deeply to them & took the time to describe how I had been to learn about remedies for their health concerns. They listened attentively & we've started 'talking' about choosing 'flowers' & how they may like to take them.

I am thrilled to find this true heart to heart communication & respect for their choices.

Huge thanks to Kerrie & the Bushies team for bringing this.”

-  Sandy Mayor, Sydney, Australia

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