Are you longing to know exactly what your animal companion is thinking or feeling?

Has your animal companion ever looked at you so intently that you 'just knew' they were trying to tell you something?

Have you seen your animal companion struggle with a behaviour or emotion, but you can't quite put a finger on it so you can get them the help they need?

Do you feel helpless and out of your depth trying to cope, when nothing you try is working?

Have you ever rescued an animal from a shelter and wanted to know their story? Perhaps they are timid, frightened, panicked or aggressive when they meet an unfamiliar person or when confronted by another animal?

Having an unhappy or unsettled animal
is unsettling for everyone.

Maybe you are starting to feel angry, agitated or depressed, just like your animal companion!

Perhaps you have even tried to get help with your pet's issue(s) by talking to your vet or completing a course in dog training or maybe you have even spoken to an animal behaviourist. And maybe short term solutions were found.

Animal training, conventional vet medicine or animal behaviourists can't always accurately identify or heal an emotion that is the real underlying cause for the behaviour.

Here's an example: a dog barking at other dogs and people can sound and look aggressive. While this may be aggression, it may also be fear or panic or both. Conventional treatment, such as medication, may provide a short term solution, only to see the behaviour return bigger and more distressing than before, because the underlying emotions have not been healed.

Unless the reason for an animal's behaviour is accurately assessed, the distress for everyone continues - not to mention the enormous amount of money and time used looking for an answer.

My name is Kerrie Searle and unlike most people who do the best they can for animal health and welfare, I communicate at a deep level with all species of animals.  This means I don't need to guess the reasons for your animal's behaviour.

I ask your animal directly:
what is going on and why?

Kerrie with Duchess

This means that the process of deep profound healing of a problem or issue can begin. Instead of placing a band-aid over the problem, as we sometimes do with the use of conventional medicine and behaviour training, I get to the root cause of the problem, and why an animal is behaving the way it is. I use Bach Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences and my own essences of the indigenous Moonah, Seaberry Saltbush, Beard Heath & Boobialla to make my own Essence Blends which are prescribed as needed.

My life's work is to be a voice for all animals, including your animal companion.  Imagine how it will feel to finally be able to hear the heart of the matter directly from them. What I want most is for you to connect more deeply with your animal. Using me as a translator to give your animal a voice, you can have the direct conversation that you have desired.

In my career as an Animal Communicator I have helped many species of animals, both internationally and here in Australia. They connect deeply with their human companions through the telling of their story and thus begin their healing journey.  I have also assisted many owners to open up their own connection and find a place of communication with animals themselves.

I look forward to helping you in a consultation or
at my next workshop!