Most consultations take approximately one hour and can accommodate more than one animal. Shorter consultations are also available if needed, please see rates below.

A consultation allows you and your animal to have a conversation and discuss all the issues or concerns that you both may have. I act as a "translator" if  you like, allowing you to ask questions of and understand what your animal is wanting you to know. Animals know what we are thinking and feeling as they communicate telepathically all the time. It is the human that needs to have their animals "voices" translated and explained. Sometimes it may feel a bit like a counselling session and both you and your animal

Kerrie Searle, Animal Communicator, offers personal consultations for you and your animal.
Kerrie with Upham

may be quite tired afterwards, especially if there are deep concerns that are being addressed.

I don't require a photo of your animal/s as I communicate telepathically (I receive words, pictures, feelings, smells & tastes) and tune into their energy and so I don't need to know what they look like to communicate with them.

I also communicate with animals who have passed, whether it be recently or some time ago.

I am no longer able to do home visits.

Due to the fact that I go into a very deep expanded state when I work telepathically, it is not safe for me to drive. My communication with your animal does not require me to be there in person and works exactly the same when done via Skype or telephone. It is also more cost effective for you if the consultation is held via Skype or telephone (see rates below), anyway, as you are not paying for my travel time.

As I communicate telepathically, your animal does not have to be with you at the time of the consultation.

Prior to your consultation it is a good idea to take the time to write down all your questions & concerns so that these can be addressed during the conversation with your animal.

Consultation Costs

Via Skype* for overseas clients & telephone for clients within Australia:

Prices @ SEPTEMBER 2021:

                                                             Two hours = $380 AUD

                                                              90 minutes = $300 AUD 

One hour = $200.00 AUD

30 minutes = $120 AUD

15 minutes = $70 AUD

If you are in Australia, I will provide you with my bank details at the end of the consult.
If you are overseas, then I will email you an invoice via PayPal.

* You can download Skype's free software here if you don't already have it.

If essences need to be posted, the cost of postage and packaging within Australia is currently $10 AUD. EXPRESS postage & packaging within Australia is currently $13 AUD.

The cost for Australian Bush Flower Essences is:

25 ml dropper bottle - $40- $50 AUD plus postage and packaging

100 ml spray bottle - $40 AUD plus postage and packaging

60 ml jar of cream - $40 AUD plus postage and packaging