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Self-Love Blend – Drops (30ml)


The SELF-LOVE BLEND assists both humans and animals to learn self-love, learn to receive, and break past patterns of neglecting one’s own needs and wants.

This blend is for:

  • learning self-love
  • where we turn anger/hatred back on ourselves
  • where we constantly serve others and neglect our own needs and wants
  • where there is self-hate of the self
  • feelings of shame/guilt/embarrassment
  • breaking ancestral or past life patterns of serving others to the detriment of ourselves
  • being able to receive from ourselves and others
  • negative self-talk or putting one’s self down
  • assisting us to be more present for ourselves
  • assisting in letting go of the strict disciplinarian or perfectionist
  • bringing balance to constantly being on the go
  • bringing balance to over achievers
  • assisting those who look to the external for recognition with being able to find this from within.
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