Ian White, Founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences

"For quite some time, both Chris Hooper (our Melbourne workshop organiser) and Caitlin Graham-Jones (a Bush Essence teacher) have been singing the praises of Kerrie Searle who is an animal communicator based in Melbourne.

I finally got the chance to meet Kerrie at our Sydney Level 3 workshop – although we had been in regular discussions regarding her putting her vast experience and expertise with animals into creating a one day workshop.

Kerrie is something else! I have met a number of animal communicators around the world, but none of them impressed me more than Kerrie. The level of communication she has with the animals is phenomenal. She shared some amazing case histories during the workshop. Kerrie knows the Bush Essences very well and is passionate about them and helping animals – being a voice for them. Kerrie says that animals tell her they want to take Bush Essences. Via Kerrie we are able to be aware of the consciousness of animals and what they need.

Ian White
Founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences

Barbara Schacht Randall with her husband the late Indigenous Elder, Bob Randall

"Dear Kerrie,

It’s been a very many years since we’ve seen each other, and over this time much has changed in and around us. I’m writing now having just read your Messages From the Animals email about your experience with the Whales and don't want to miss this moment to acknowledge and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing and sharing.

It’s not always for us to know where our work lands in life and what meaning it carries. Your story of the whales has landed in my heart and for whatever it’s worth, I want to let you know.

This story in particular reminds me of Bob and the ancient wisdom teachings he articulated and offered to the world - based on the sacred law of Kanyini. At the heart of this ancient wisdom way is how we as humans can live and learn within Nature, ever-deepening our conscious interconnection with all life from within ourselves outward.

I’m so very moved, humbled, and inspired by this latest share. Bless you for you and the way you do what you do. I wish for you all the physical and spiritual strength, courage, and support you need to continue to do the good work you are doing.

With love & gratitude,

Barbara Schacht Randall

“Mother Earth and all of Nature look after us. Nature is always there, caring for us as a very small voice that can guide us….if we just learn to listen.”

~Bob Randall


"Profound is a word I use for a totally brilliant result, which is the best way to describe the benefit my beautiful Bouvier Lyse has been able to realise from taking the Adrenal drops. Long term Hypothyroidism meant medication at maximum dose of 4 tablets per day. Since taking the drops, her further blood test showed a significant change in thyroid activity.

The vet said, 'Whatever you are doing, please keep it up because you can reduce her medication by half!!".

I did tell him that it was due to using a bush flower essence specifically for adrenals, and his look was of disbelief.... maybe one day vets will get it! I can only offer my heartfelt gratitude to Kerrie Searle for her dedication to our animals and the bush flower essences."

Marilyn Alborough
(Tasmania, Australia)


"Jazzy came to me as a rescue dog on 10/10/10 … as soon as I saw her, it was instant love. Not knowing the extent of it, but she was very badly abused, recovering from numerous broken bones, and dare I say a broken spirit on some levels - and yet a strong spirit too.

She was a little aggressive for some time, never really trusting me, but also not very often leaving my side. I had to be most mindful how I patted her and from what angle and could never make any overly quick movements… as is often the way, the vacuum cleaner, broom or any exceedingly loud noise caused her enormous stress.

A little over a year ago I noticed some blood in her pee. Pathology and CT scans showed a growing tumour in her bladder and numerous tumours in her tummy. The beautiful vet and carers suggested I prepare both of us for a maximum 3 month journey together. While we thanked them, we both looked at each other in that knowing way, that is often only known between the love of animal and owner (slave!) The good news was that now more than 12 months on her ‘rapidly growing tumour' is still the same size as it was on diagnosis and I know she is not in pain.

A few months ago she woke up with a huge lump over her left eye and her eye was locked closed. Back to the vet we go, they really believed the tumours had expanded all through her body and we were dealing with a tumour on her eye and brain. Medication was prescribed and a neck brace so she couldn’t scratch it. Other than the discomfort of her neck brace, and probably her eye, her spirits were great. It didn’t feel ‘tumoury’ to me. After a couple of days of meds, tender care, I noticed quite a large piece of stick in the corner of her eye! It seems somehow, a stick was the problem. The vet agreed, and was surprised that there was no real damage to her vision. I was quite a mess during this time - so rang my friend Kerrie Searle to see if I was missing anything or what Jazzy might want /prefer/ or offer any other support and advice. Both Jazzy and my worlds were blown apart. Jazzy sat at my feet during the whole Skype consult and after giving Kerrie a brief outline of Jazzy’s life from 10/10/10, Kerrie was able to fill in so many gaps for me about Jazzy… which made my heart expand even further for her and what she endured and how far she had come. I was concerned that I hadn’t given Jazzy the opportunity to have this ‘conversation’ with me earlier, Kerrie assured me that it was Jazzy's suggestion and timing - and any earlier she would not have been ready to let me know her history. Jazzy also told me via Kerrie that she is settled and as happy as she can ever be, and has no plans of leaving any time soon! I did ask that those two keep in touch so that I can know when she is in unbearable pain and ‘up’ the pain meds… Her eye is back to absolute normal with no damage anywhere at all! She is frisky, as mobile as a 14 year old kelpie cross can be, full of fun and vigour. At the end of our Skype session, I moved my computer screen so Kerrie and Jazzy could meet visually, it was a special moment indeed.

She is so happy to have found a friend in Kerrie, that I know! And I am delighted to have found Kerrie Searle, who I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to anyone with any animal concerns. Added to Kerrie’s animal compassion, she has an enormous amount of compassion for the owner / carer and was so kind to me as I was falling apart!"

Chris Hooper
(Melbourne, Australia)


"Meeting Kerrie was a unique experience for me - it had me feeling that angels do exist. She feels like one to me, an angel for animals, humans being one of them. And I was not one to believe in angels but now I know, they do exist. Being in Kerrie's Animal Wellbeing & Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshop, her presence and the collective group's energy had allowed me the safe space to slowly open up my heart, speak my inner truth, look deeper into myself and acknowledge my own traumas, my own pain, especially the pain of parting with my first dog, Puddles.

I can sense the validity, the authenticity and the genuine, tender love in Kerrie's work and in her sharing of herself and her experiences. Kerrie’s courage to be herself sparks up the courage in me to be my authentic self. That weekend workshop made an impact on me and inspired me to open up further.

Shortly after the workshop, I had a session with Kerrie to come to closure with my experience with Puddles and to seek for a truer way to connect with my second dog, Cubby, and his needs. Kerrie’s clarity, wisdom, generosity in her love and kindness opened me up further, had me assured that I had taken the right decision, did exactly what Puddles had wanted and what I know in my heart is true. Puddles had a heart disease and when he left, I felt that he was here to open up my heart - Kerrie confirmed that. That was a few days before Puddles’ 2nd anniversary.

After the session, I felt a veil had lifted off of me, a sense of clarity was enhanced, my heart opened much more, I felt a greater sense of peace. I also felt a sense of transformation, though I can’t quite put my finger on it. I took Cubby out on that day itself to practice communicating with him as Kerrie taught me, while I got the groceries for his food. Cubby enjoyed his dinner that night tremendously. I realised all I needed to do with my dog, and also in various aspects of life, is to ask and to listen. I need not try to figure everything out myself. A lot of load has been released ever since the session and workshop.

Seeing Kerrie using her gifts and realising the impact she has made in my life, my dogs and the lives of many others encourage me to acknowledge and accept my own gifts, be open to share, knowing that only the higher good will be the natural effect.

Kerrie with Ashni (right)

I have since started my healing practice and sharing the gifts I have in the best way I know how, as I continue to journey on my path. Since being open, I noticed people and even strangers are coming to me for healing and I feel very comfortable sharing them now.

Thank you so much, Kerrie. You’re a great flame for me, thank you for being you and sharing yourself. Meeting you had me assured of my own path. It was the first time it popped up so spontaneously during your workshop when you asked what am I doing now and I said, I am transitioning from engineering to energy healing. I have transitioned. ♥

It is true when you said that our animals got us to the workshop. I now feel that animals, too, are angels. ♥ And Cubby is here is support me to further open up my heart and to remind me to relax, be gentle with myself. He is such a gentle being.

Here’s a beautiful Sufi quote that I would like to share, discovered a day to two after Puddles transitioned. It is Puddles’ message:

“I wish I could show you
when you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light of your own being.”
― Hafiz of Shiraz

Thank you for being you and much love for you."

Ma Ashni Sundaram


"I recently attended the Animal Wellbeing & Australian Bush Flower Essences workshop offered by Kerrie. The workshop followed a personal consultation in relation to my dog Bessie. In both experiences, I was deeply impacted and inspired by the integrity and connection to Purpose that Kerrie holds and offers.

If I had only one word to describe my experiences within the Workshop and the consultation, it would be 'generous'. Generous of heart, of wisdom, of kindness, of clarity, of integrity.

Amongst much rich experience in the Workshop, I was gifted with a profound connection to my dog Bessie and my (deceased) dog Grace.


This experience will stay with me, changing everything forever.

My voice and heart is now added to many, animal and human, ultimately the same Voice and the same Heart, in Gratitude and deep respect to you and for you Kerrie. Thank you for all that you do. We are grateful."

Jane Jacobs
(Drouin, Australia)

Fiona & Bear

“Well what can I say, Thank you just doesn't seem significant enough to convey my true feelings, but for lack of other suitable words, Thank you so very much for everything you do.

Thank you for running such a fabulous workshop that was truly inspiring.

Thank you for bringing together a group of truly unique and wonderful individuals and facilitating a safe & nurturing environment where we could all share and bond and begin to have faith in our abilities and journeys...

Thank you for being so open and honest with us, showing us the real you, scars, wounds and all, it is a truly rare and special quality to meet someone so "real" and open. Thank you for holding the space for each and every one of us and "seeing" us as individuals, giving us so much of yourself so selflessly.

Thank you for taking the time away from your family, home and your lovely Daisy and Ralph - please thank them both for letting you come so far to teach and meet us. Also thank Darcy for all he has done to help and support you, so that you can do what you do. Thank you for everything you do for the animals, it was clear to see it has really required a huge amount from you over the years, and it shows a true dedication & courage to have faced what you have and still continued on your journey to help them, it gives me such hope when i meet & know there are incredible people like you in the world...”

Fiona MacKay
(Kendal, UK)


"For your time, energy and unconditional giving.

For your truth, wisdom and heart felt words.

For your comfort, nurturing and support.

Our beautiful Mila girl was a daughter, sister and grand daughter to us .. a real part of our family.. 

In her passing we were in as much grief as losing another family member.. Our time spent with you communicating with Mila really gave us peace of mind, heart and spirit. We so appreciate your gift of communication with our beloved animal kingdom.

Thanks again Kerrie xx "

Kyla and Deni Mawson
(NSW Australia)


"I was introduced to Kerrie through a friend who had used her gift with animal communication to help iron out some issues with her two rescue cats.

My beautiful 8 year old rottweiler Marley had been diagnosed with bone cancer and was visibly deteriorating by the day.

He was such a proud wonderful dog and a family member with a huge personality and heart to match. I was distraught to know that I was the one who had to make the decision to release him from pain and so worried that I wouldn’t be able to know when the time was right.

Kerrie and I, along with Marley and our other dog Shanti sitting by the computer, had a long Skype session where the first thing she told me was that Marley was ready to go but a little worried about the process – how it would happen, where would it take place – and also that he would stay around for a while afterwards to make sure we were all OK, especially Shanti. She was able to reassure him and explain the sequence of events along with many other things, and Marley conveyed that he was pleased we were going to honour his life in the way we planned.

I also felt very reassured and we made the decision just a few days later. As I had promised Marley, our lovely vet came home, all the family were present to bid him farewell, with candles, spiritual music and flowers. Shanti was allowed to make her own decision as to whether she wanted to be there and at the last minute, she crept forward to lie by his head, kissing him. It was a very gentle and peaceful departure.

The next few days were very painful and many tears were shed. I certainly felt Marley’s presence as I walked Shanti through the woods every morning, to the extent that I thought I would see him if I turned around. Then one day he was just gone.

I cannot thank Kerrie enough for the help and support she gave to my family and especially to Marley – it really gave me an insight and understanding on how Marley was coping which helped us all to accept and to make his departure an occasion of dignity and gratitude for the love he gave us.

RIP beautiful one."

Helen Khera
(London, UK)

Inka, Henry & Oscar

"Our family recently had a session with Kerrie, that is myself, my partner, our 2 dogs, Henry and Oscar, and our pussy cat, Inka. We have just completed our third move this year and we were concerned about our animals’ emotional and mental health. We nearly lost Inka to a tick a month earlier and we had moved to an apartment with lots of strange noises.

From the moment I sat down to connect with Kerrie on Skype, all 3 animals were lined up on the couch behind me, ready to talk! Kerrie was able to feel their anxiety and tension and reassured them that we weren’t moving for a long time – the effect was immediate. Inka had not eaten for a few days – Kerrie said her stomach was churning with anxiety – she got up, had a good feed and then lay down and slept away the rest of the day!! Kerrie assured the boys that the noises were simply “noisy neighbours” and nothing they needed to be vigilant about – they too lay down on the same sheepskin as Inka (unheard of!!) and went to sleep. We then proceeded to have one of our most peaceful days in a long time, NO barking and lots of sleeping! THANK YOU Kerrie for such a beautiful healing session for us all. Karen and I feel reconnected with our animals and we can all begin to enjoy our new home together."

Angelica Walker
(NSW Australia)

Emma & Redmond

"I was given Redmond, my horse, almost 12 months before Kerrie came to see him. During this time, he appeared tired, sore and listless – unwilling to move very far or be ridden. I had almost given up on the idea of riding him altogether assuming his history of being an ex-racehorse then being kept solo in a paddock for 8 years had left him broken.

Kerrie communicated with Redmond in a way I was previously unable to. He was able to tell her that he does want to be ridden, however, firstly he needs his long neglected health and emotional issues taken care of. Kerrie was able to tell me what he needed to feel better again. After only 2 weeks of herbs and homeopathics and more regular time together chatting, Redmond is like a whole new horse!!! He trots over to me each visit. I now spend time with him, aside from feeding and brushing, to talk with him and keep tuning into his needs, as Kerrie showed me how.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Kerrie’s insights into human/animal relationships, being opened up to this incredible creature and ALL he has to offer me. Before her first visit was over I knew I would be having her come back to see my Redmond again and again in the future.

Thank you, Kerrie."

Emma vanderHoeven and Redmond
(Warrandyte, Australia)

Angela, with her mare, Gidra

"I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to host Kerrie during her visit to Singapore when she was working with some of the owners and their horses stabled here. What a wonderful insight into the world of animal communication Kerrie gave me, from intimate conversations with my own pet dogs and cats to witnessing how she helped riders improve their connection with their horses. Kerrie assisted me with the preparation of my own horse regarding her impending relocation to Australia. A nine week journey, including tight confinement on a long flight and weeks of isolation and quarantine at both ends. Gidra arrived in her new home alert and curious but most importantly, fit, well and happy. I am positive that her prior knowledge of the journey and the reasons why, through Kerrie as interpreter, assisted her greatly on this arduous voyage to another country."

Angela Cooney

Lisa & Milo

"In August 2011, I adopted two one-year-old cats from an animal shelter. A brother and a sister they had been put up for adoption as their owner didn’t want them anymore. The male cat, Milo, was very shy and would not come out of his cat house except for meals. His sister, Luna, was much more sociable and would enjoy attention from anyone.

The shelter felt that Milo was quite traumatised by being given away and upon arriving home, Milo hid himself away avoiding all contact with anyone. Milo would spend all his time outside in the garden and only come in for meals. This worried me as he didn’t seem happy and was absent a lot.

When I learned that Kerrie was going to be visiting London, I asked her to come and speak to my cats. Within moments of meeting Kerrie, Milo sent her a picture of his former home, which appeared to be a high-rise apartment. He showed Kerrie that he spent most of his time with his nose pressed up against the window longing to be outside, but unable to get there. Kerrie was able to communicate to Milo that I was concerned that he didn’t come inside very often. Milo thought that this was very surprising and wanted to let me know that he was so very happy to have access to a garden that he wanted to spend as much time in it as possible! He also let Kerrie know that he was anxious about being in the cat shelter and did not understand why they were there. Kerrie was able to explain what had taken place and that the home he had now was permanent and that he would not be taken away again.

After Kerrie’s visit, for the first time ever, Milo came inside one evening and climbed into my lap for a cuddle…. I had owned him for about 8 months and he had never allowed me to cuddle him like this before. I had Kerrie do two consultations as the second time I was curious as to why Luna kept bringing me unwanted frogs and mice…. Luna told her that catching these was fun indeed and she wasn’t about to stop any time soon. I had to laugh! I do feel I have a better understanding of my two lovely cats now and don’t get too anxious when Milo isn’t around at dinner time, as he said, he loves being outside (in all weather) and exploring!"

Lisa Clark
(Arts Director - Express Newspapers

London, UK)

Daphne & Tessa

"Kerrie came to see my mare, Tessa, back in summer. Tessa is 13.3 hands high but has a huge personality! Tessa at the moment is a working livery. She had always displayed some rather diva behaviours and Kerrie was able to relay to me what Tessa was thinking and why she behaved the way she did sometimes. Tessa was clearly listening to every word

Kerrie was saying and I could see the concentration on her face. Kerrie suggested some beech, olive and water violet and whilst I am not able to give them as much as I would like, I do think they have helped. The first thing that Tessa said was that she was very tired mentally as she has so many different people to deal with and the olive seems to have helped and she has been a bit more tolerant of others as well.

Since Kerrie’s visit, my relationship with Tessa has changed so much and we have a much greater bond and understanding of each other. It was a fantastic experience to have such an insight into my horse’s mind and to see Kerrie communicating with her. I am just sorry that Kerrie is on the other side of the world!"

Daphne Cash
(London, UK)

"My 3 year old Rottweiler cross Pit Bull became extremely sick with a runny nose, would not eat, no energy and depression and he was not picking up. Vets were unable to find a cause for his illness. I had seen Kerrie’s card on a few occasions and on one particular day I was wracking my brain as to what to do next for my beloved pet and again Kerrie’s card appeared. I called her and we made an appointment for her to come and talk with Mr Beefy.

When Kerrie turned up my dog was just curled up in a ball, he didn’t really want to talk to anyone or meet new people, but he was also not doing his usual barking when someone came onto the property. Kerrie and I sat with Mr Beefy and I talked about his health and behaviour. Kerrie then said she was going to start talking to Mr Beefy. As I watched my dog sat up straight, then stood up, went over to Kerrie and sat in front of her and looked her right in the eyes. I saw them connect as he put his paw on her hand and told her his concerns.

At that point he changed, he had been heard finally. Since then my dog has been coming on in leaps and bounds as we assist him to peel away the layers and return him to health and balance. He loves it when Kerrie comes to see him for a consultation and runs to the gate to meet her. I believe that if it was not for her amazing skill and gift with animals that my dog would still be battling or even worse still, would have given up the fight. I highly recommend her service. Thank you again, Kerrie."

Pepa Carey
(Rosebud, Australia)


"Kerrie is an incredible, loving and caring person who has a deep connection with the animal kingdom.

She is devoted to helping people connect with their animals and help find answers and comfort in what their pets are thinking and feeling.

We enjoyed our “connection” with our little dog – it helped validate what we do with our beloved little Coco and provided answers moving forward with his health and well being."

Jackie Segal


"I felt called to attend Kerrie’s workshop (Animal Wellbeing & Australian Bush Flower Essences) and feel truly grateful to have trusted that call. It was the most powerful Australian Bush Flower Essences workshop I have attended. After completing the Level 3 Workshop alongside Kerrie, I felt privileged (and inspired) to witness her evolution in the role of ABFE teacher.

Kerrie’s style is professional, approachable, open-hearted, passionate and she radiates integrity.

She was happy to receive & respond to all questions (over the two days) and still managed to cover all topics stated (plus some?), which was fabulous as this had not been my experience in past workshops.

I found the content confronting (at times), informative and enlightening. Rich and reverent, in every respect. The group felt intimate and connected. I felt safe, supported and held at all times.

My passion for the Bush Essences has been reignited and I have no hesitation in recommending Kerrie’s workshop to all.

My sincere gratitude to all for creating this divine experience."

With love, gratitude & blessings,

Christine Julian