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Liberation Blend – Drops (30ml)


The LIBERATION BLEND assists both humans and animals who are constantly being bombarded by external energies to strengthen their boundaries.

I made the LIBERATION BLEND after I found myself and many of my clients (both animal and human) constantly being bombarded by external energies that were like energy vampires. Energies that ran amok, as there were no boundaries in place by those carrying them to contain their energy. This isn’t only about ‘negative’ energies that come at you like a tsunami, but also those ‘friendly’ energies that can be over the top or in your face ‘too much’ type of friendly. Too many times I have heard humans say about their dog, who is running madly into the personal space of another dog, that “It’s ok, they’re friendly.” Yes, but they’re ‘too friendly’ and in the face of my incredibly sensitive dog who DOESN’T like it, no matter how friendly your dog is!

This blend is also about those of us who have been the punching bag or doormat for others. Many of my clients who use this blend call it the “F OFF” blend (sorry for those who find this offensive but it’s what many call it!) as it comes with exactly that energy!!

You can read a more detailed explanation about this blend over on my blog.

** If in doubt about whether this is suitable for your personal needs or the needs of your animal/s, please seek further advice from a health care practitioner and/or consider booking a personalised consultation.

Weight .222 kg


Prill water 47.5%, brandy 47.5%, flower essences 5%.