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Joyous Abandon Blend – Drops (30ml)


The JOYOUS ABANDON BLEND assists both humans and animals in bringing back play, enjoyment and laughter.

This blend deals with

  • bringing back play, enjoyment and laughter
  • being able to receive, not only from others but from one’s self
  • where one has always given and not been open to receiving, brings back a healthy balance
  • knowing the pure joy of life and what it brings
  • having hope for the future
  • taking on life, being adventurous
  • being unafraid of new challenges
  • being in the present to live life fully and be open and present to unknown possibilities
  • bringing in the lightness and joy in the moment
  • letting go of the victim energy
  • being open to abundance in all areas of your life
  • finding joy, positivity where there has been darkness or heaviness in life
  • finding joy in the small things
  • bringing back play to those who may have missed it during early years for humans and animals.

** If in doubt about whether this is suitable for your personal needs or the needs of your animal/s, please seek further advice from a health care practitioner and/or consider booking a personalised consultation.

Weight .222 kg


Prill water 47.5%, brandy 47.5%, flower essences 5%.