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Energy Clearing – Spray (100ml)


The ENERGY CLEARING SPRAY is made up of flower essences and essential oils combined together to clear the energies that enter or invade our personal space, whether that be in our home, office, car, bedroom or even outside. 

An energy doesn’t have to be necessarily “bad or negative” to impact the harmony in the places we exist. Even the energy of a being that is “too friendly” and invading our personal space can be too intense for sensitive beings. If such energies are not regularly cleared they build up over time often leaving a feeling of “heaviness”.

In my work as an Animal Communicator, I am tuning into many energies during my consults every day.  The energies are often intense and I make it a priority to clear the energies after each consult. This also means that none of the energy of the previous consult is carried into or part of the next consult.

As I “process” a lot during my sleep time, first thing each morning I pull back the doona and sheets on my bed and clear the energy with a really good spray. I leave it for about an hour and then make my bed. On the odd occasion that I forget to spray, I walk back into my bedroom and it doesn’t feel clear.

If I’ve been to the shops or in heavy traffic, I find that the energy in my car needs to be cleared as sometimes I carry the energy into my car space. Regularly clearing the energy in my car also helps my dogs to settle more easily in the car.

I find on occasions when there is turmoil on the planet that I spray the ENERGY CLEARING SPRAY more often. Never have I used so much spray as I did during Covid with all the fear that surfaced at that time.

When I renovated my previous home, which meant pulling up the floors and plaster off the walls, I could feel old energies being released into my home which needed clearing. I noticed that there were “layers” of these energies that would arise over time that needed to be cleared bit by bit. Likewise when building the home I am currently living in, I would constantly spray to release the energies of not only the numerous people constantly coming and going from my home, but also the energy that was attached to the building materials used to build my home.

When I travel and stay at a hotel, for example, the first thing I do when entering the room is pull back the doona and sheets and clear the energy and then give the entire room/s a really good spray. Often these days, hotels do not have windows that open and the energy becomes trapped. Vet clinics, hospitals, dentists, shopping centres, etc., are all places where multitudes of energies leave their imprint over many years with few external opening windows or doors to allow these energies to be cleared. For any sensitive being to walk into these places it can be very difficult to clear the energies that can become stuck. I always use the LIBERATION BLEND when I know I’m going to such a place and then also use the ENERGY CLEARING SPRAY to clear any energies that may be hanging around or trying to “hitch a ride” with me.

The ENERGY CLEARING SPRAY is also great for clearing tense situations like after an argument or upset in the home.

** If in doubt about whether this is suitable for your personal needs or the needs of your animal/s, please seek further advice from a health care practitioner and/or consider booking a personalised consultation.

Weight .300 kg


Prill water 45%, brandy 45%, organic pure essential oils 5%, flower essences 5%.