with Kerrie Searle & Gyanamala

Don't miss this unique opportunity to come and experience a safe and grounded space, held for you by Kerrie and Gyanamala - experience healing and a deeper connection to yourself.

You will learn a unique process of using earth medicine to connect more deeply to yourself, which then enables a deeper connection and attunement to nature, animals and other energies. The process to help you to connect at a deeper level will be assisted by the use of a Communication Blend made by Kerrie (in conjunction with the animals and flowers!) using Australian Bush Flower Essences.

During this workshop, you will make a Mother Tincture of the Red Box tree that lives on Gyanamala’s property or any other plants/trees that you may be drawn to. You will also be held in a space that allows you to sit in meditation with the Red Box (or other plant) to receive whatever healing properties the tree/plant brings for you. There will be time to draw and listen to the messages the plant/tree/energy is conveying to you, as well as sharing these insights and wisdom with each other.

At the end of the day, you will take with you a bottle of each of the Mother Tinctures that are made on the day, as well as other tools for you to continue your deeper connection to self and healing journey.

You will need to bring the following:

  • Chair or rug to sit on
  • Lunch and/or snacks (you will have access to the kitchen) - there are no shops close by, so you will need to bring all food items with you.
  • Pens and/or pencils for drawing
  • Book and/or paper for writing/drawing
  • Camera (or you can use the camera on your phone)
  • USB stick (for other attendees photos of Mother Tincture plants).

Numbers are limited, so as to ensure the space is held for each person at a deep level. If need be, additional Earth Medicine Workshops will be held to accommodate numbers.

Read more about Kerrie's work here and Gyanamala's work here.